Touch Typing

Lesson 7 – Practice Whole Keyboard

This post demonstrates the 7/8 lessons on touch typing. In this lesson you will practice the whole keyboard. This is the 7th lesson out of 8. If you have not gone through other lessons before this one, please do so.

This lesson will teach you the whole keyboard by practising on a famous line. This line of letters covers the whole keyboard from a to z. You can practice this lesson in the practice box below. If you want to clear any text from the box, simply select and delete or Ctrl+A to select all the texts in the box and then delete it. Place your fingers in the same way as shown in the picture below. Please remember the 3 rules;

  1. Always place your fingers the same way as shown in this lesson even once you know all the keyboard.
  2. Never remove your fingers, keep them attached to the symbols all the time as it shows on the screen.
  3. Whichever button you type with your fingers bring them back to their position.

Click here to watch the video tutorial of this lesson.

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